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Mark Burgess




Casting Shadows/

'My father would have loved this play' (Tamsin Olivier)

'A barometer of mid-twentieth-century British theatre' (Time Out)

'The tightly written script delivers classy entertainment, full of humour and pathos' (The Stage)

'Your play left its mark. You've touched on something important and universal'

(Arnold Wesker)



'Director Daniel Finlay keeps the two-act play zipping along with a good mix of actorish humour and glimpses into a life well lived' (Stage Review Online)

'Strikes a good balance between factual detail and humour which always entertains' (The Public Reviews)

'The highlight of the 2015 Brighton Fringe Festival' (Remote Goat)


Two Halves of Guinness/

'An evening to remember with delight. This wasn't Trevor Littledale telling us about Alec Guinness. This was Alec Guinness himself, sharing his life'

5***** (Surrey Advertiser)

'First-rate: a great piece of writing, directing and acting' (The Latest, Brighton)

'A spell-binding production in every respect' (Eastbourne Herald)


The Man with the Golden Pen/

'An extremely stylish and entertaining piece, capturing the essence and spirit of

Ian Fleming' (The Ian Fleming Foundation)

'Utterly compelling' (The Stage)




All Mouth and Trousers/

'A delicious soufflé of broadcasting nostalgia' (Gillian Reynolds/Daily Telegraph,

Pick of the Week)

'An engaging drama' (The Spectator)


Joan and the Baron/

'Charming play' (Mail on Sunday)

'Today's Choice' (Radio Times & Daily Telegraph)

'Pick of the Day' (Sunday Times Culture Magazine & The Observer)


A King's Speech/

'A riveting portrait of a prominent man at a pivotal moment in his own life and in the history of the 20th century' (Amazon)

(Available on CD / Audio download)


From Father with Love/

'A genuinely moving play' (RadioTimes)

'Radio Choice' (The Times)


Sam O'Bedlam/

'A superb introduction to the man, Samuel Beckett, and his most famous work, Waiting for Godot' (Radio Times)

'Radio Choice' (Daily Telegraph)


Einstein in Cromer/

'Pick of the Day' (Radio Times & Mail on Sunday)


The Wrong Hero?/

'An excellent reconstruction of events' (The Times)

'Thought-provoking' (The Observer)

'Critic's Choice' (The Independent, Daily Mail & Daily Telegraph)

'Pick of the Day' (Radio Times)


Casting Shadows/

'Droll, melancholic and beautifully acted' (The Stage)

'A warm, funny play' (Daily Mail)

'A funny, clever piece' (Mail on Sunday)




Eel Pie Island/

'Today's Choice' (Radio Times)


A Modern Love Story/

'Radio Choice' (The Independent)


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Mark Burgess 2021

Roy's pic whiter

Arnold Wesker on 'Casting Shadows'

'Your play left its mark. You've

touched on something

important and universal.'


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